The quality of our work highly depends on the qualification and personal competency of our staff and their enthusiastic and respectful cooperation. Therefore, we put great importance on personal qualities in addition to professional qualifications.

Our social paedagogues work on an equal footing in their teams. They share the values and mission statement of our house and aim to live these leading by example.  

What we expect from our staff:


  • Respectful engagement with others
  • Tolerance and acceptance of different opinions
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Motivation, perseverance and resilience
  • Ability to deal with criticism appropriately
  • Openess and Honesty
  • Abilty to form/maintain good working relationships
  • Flexible and sometimes unconventional thinking
  • Commitment to training and development
  • Empathy


Professional Backgrounds

All our child care staff hold at least a nationally recognised foundation qualification in one of the following fields:Social Paedagogy, Social Work, Early Years Child Care, Special Needs Paedagogy, Therapy, Teaching... We put a strong emphasis on continuous training and development, and we expect staff to have or obtain additional qualifications in the areas of outdoor education, sexual health work, art therapy, systemic family  work, etc.


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