Leonstein Castle currently employs 42 members of staff. For part of the year our teams are joined by national service trainees and 'social year' volunteers.  Management and staff team are responsible for up to 50 children and young people in local authority care.

Management:  Manfred Humer, MA, has been manager of Schloss Leonstein since Jan 2009. After graduating from Linz University in 1995, Manfred has mainly worked with socially disadvantaged children and young people with specific support needs. 1998-2008 he worked in the UK, where he enhanced his knowledge and skills within a wide range of young people's services. He gained a great deal of experience, practical skills and specialist training. As a service manager he believes in developing the potential of organisations and its members, and he aims to improve interagency cooperation as well as services for the most vulnerable members of our society. 

Group Home Teams

Currently we have 4 socialpaedagogic group home teams (longterm) in the old castle building and 2 new crisis intervention teams in SKIP. 

Each longterm team consists of 5 fulltime social paedagoges, ahousekeeper and acleaner.  In addition we also have volunteers, national service trainees and university students on placement.

The SKIP crisis teams have 7 social paedagoges working alongside ahousekeeper and 1 a cleaner.




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