A brief history of Schloss Leonstein

The earliest documentation of Castle Leonstein dates back to as far as 1140 AD.

Owned by the feared Rohrers it was destroyed after a siege by the troops of Albrecht of Salburg.

The Zelkinger family then built stables on the foot of the old castle hill from the remains and later converted these into a castle.

In 1629 Georg Siegmund of Salburg bought the house out of the Zelkinger estate.

In 1724 the castle was renovated in a Baroque style and renamed 'Neu Leonstein'.

In 1919 the Upper Austrian government bought Leonstein and the forestry commission used it as a state manor, also housing Leonstein brewery. In 1938 the castle was altered and renovated.

During World War II the womens work corps was accommodated in the castle but had to leave in 1944, to make way for the 'Wehrmacht', bringing many local men to the castle for their army training.  After the end of the war the government repossessed the castle, but its future remained uncertain for some time.

Finally it was decided to make the castle a children's home. The first children arrived at Leonstein castle in November 1945, most of them war orphans. At peak times more than 220 children lived at Leonstein castle. Living conditions were poor and working conditions very hard.

From 1945 on the room and floor layouts were changed several times, gradually parts of the house were renovated and things strated to improve.

At the beginning of the 1990s the big central kitchen was closed down, and smaller group homes with their own kitchens were established.

Between 2003 and 2007 Schloss Leonstein received its most substantial makeover, a complete refurbisment, costing more than € 6m.

Today the castle offers 3300m² of high quality accommodation and work space, meeting modern standards and paedagogic requirements.

In 2013 a purposebuilt house was created to accommodate the new SKIP crisis intervention groups which commenced operation in April 2014.  



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